The Winter War - Winter 1149


Led by Lord Rampaul, the weasels of Darkheather mustered as an army and invaded the Mouse Territories. After a series of skirmishes, the young Matriarch of the Guard , Gwendolyn, was forced to declare war on the fearsome mustelids with her Guardmice. After many lives lost to both sides, the weasels retreated – leaving the mice of the Territories a hard-earned victory.

The Mouse settlements of Walnutpeck, Ferndale, and Woodruffs Grove all fell during the course of the war. Those mice unlucky enough to be in the settlements when they fell were taken to the Darkheather and never seen again. After the War Darkheather was abandon and the weasels living there were forced to move and live beyond the borders of the Territories.

In the Spring of 1149 Gwendolyn had the Sent Boarder redrawn so that all the tunnels of the Darkheather were safely outside of the boarders of the Territories. This also meant that the ruins of Walnutpeck, Ferndale, and Woodruffs Grove were also outside the protection of the Sent Boarder.

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The Winter War - Winter 1149

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