Battle of Lockhaven - Fall 1152

The Battle of Lockhaven was a conflict that occurred during the Fall of 1152 when the traitorous Guardmouse Midnight brought his army of followers to Lockhaven’s gates. Dissatisfied with the Guard’s role in the Territories, Midnight sought to take over Lockhaven under the authority of the Black Axe, and rule over all common mice.

His attempt to conquer Lockhaven failed, and the Guard’s matriarch Gwendolyn had her mice march him beyond the Scent Border, far away from the protection of the Guard he so desperately sought to destroy.

This wasn’t the end of the conflict. Midnight was never heard from again but his message of unification and hatred toward the Guard endured. Even in the present day, 40 years later, the Guard still come in conflict with mice following in Midnight’s foot steps.

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Battle of Lockhaven - Fall 1152

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