Changing of the Guard

The Adventure Begins

The Spring of 1196 has finally come. The smells of the budding life dances across your nose and laughter once again rings through the halls of Lockhaven. Spring is always an exciting time for the Mice of the Territories but this one is especially important to you. This will be your first spring as recruits of the Mouse Guard.

It has taken you years of diligent work to complete your apprenticeship with the Guard. The Induction Ceremony took place only last week in the Great Hall. There before a dozen or so member of the Guard you received your cloaks from your mentors. As each mouse received their cloak their mentor spoke aloud, either to the crowd or to their apprentice, the meaning behind color of the cloak. With your cloaks secured the venerable Gwendolyn approached each of you in turn. Placing a hand on your shoulder she spoke your name clear and loud to all in assembly before congratulating you on becoming recruits. It was a simple ceremony but that only added to its majesty.

As soon as the snow had finished melting and the floods subsided the work of the Mouse Guard would begin again in earnest. It was time to begin your life as a member of the Guard.

“Hail all those who are able,
any mouse can,
any mouse will,
but the Guard prevail.”

- Gwendolyn


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